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A number of national initiatives are being rolled out to make us a digitally inclusive nation. Plans are underway to introduce Electronic Identity (E-ID) cards, including various e-citizen projects to make women, entrepreneurs and the older population techno savvy.

Island-wide, ICT Youth Clubs are mandated to encourage youth to gear up for available jobs in the ICT sector. The government has plans to digitalize the administrative system, and is also taking steps to make 13 years of school education compulsory while adding more technical subjects to the secondary education curricula. Plans are underway to modernize the education sector with smart class rooms.

Mannar has the opportunity to become a modern economy by aligning with these national initiatives. ManFICT is working to introduce these trends at the district level and is at the forefront of creating relevant jobs for youth, women and men to support their families, quality education for students to compete on an international level, and is preparing Mannar’s economy for a digital future.


Empower Mannar’s digital economy and digital knowledge.


Link relevant local, national and international resources with ManFICT members to uplift Mannar’s current postwar condition to a national standard.


Provide quality IT services from nationally and internationally qualified staff to the district community through strong linkages between Vocational Training providers and IT service providers, today and for our country’s future.



ManFICT is new born society, uniting ICT business members, staff and students to serve the Mannar district for its advancement in ICT.


6 million people are accessing the internet in Sri Lanka. 13.2% of Mannar’s Population access the internet. 11.2 % of Mannar’s Population are computer literate. We want to increase access to the internet, improve computer literacy rates and digitalize Mannar’s economy for better jobs and a better tomorrow. 

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Our Partners

ManFICT has partnered with various stakeholders whose interests align with the rapid advancement and development of the ICT community in Mannar.

These partners include:

ICTA | FITIS | WUSC – Sri Lanka | SLASSCOM | Sri Lanka Telecom
Mobitel | NCIT | MDCCA | VICTA.


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